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Clasik Obas is a motivational speaker, author, and musician. Born in the caribbean island of  Haiti, raised in the USA; Clasik has always seen himself as an artistic person. Clasik found an interest for music in his early teens, and since then has recorded music extensively.

Throughout the years, his love of traditional Hip-Hop, Rock, and Rocksteady Reggae, has allowed him to articulate a compliment to the Reggae genre which he calls the " Simple Melody " Reggae ( due to the repeated guitar notes in most of his songs ). This groove can be heard in his studio albums, starting with " Wise Men Power ! ".

In late 2013, Clasik started publishing YouTube videos. Many of them primarily focused on semen retention, and it's benefits. But, there was also a strong presence of discontentment with modern women ( or relationships as a whole ). There was alot of focus on how he felt like society was " pussy spelled " , or primarily focused on women's point of view, and making males to be disposable.

These beliefs which Clasik had ( and the amount of men who felt like him ) allowed him to start " The Wisemen Movement " , which was created to uplift men in distress in a " male hatred " society. The Movement aimed to create a space where men could feel understood and empowered. There is also a foundational belief of semen retention, which the Movement's supporters practice.

The ultimate goal for the Movement's supporters, or " Wise Men " is to overcome the addictions of the flesh, body, and mind. There is a desire to live minimalist, and ultimately find peace of mind and true contentment with who they are. There also is a need to flee from negative environments, and people who desire to rob other's energy ( or life force ).

Clasik Obas


Motivational speaker, author and musician.

Creator of " The Wisemen Movement " , and " Simple Melody " Reggae.